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Credit is not needed, and I don't ask anything from you except please follow the blog if you use stuff and like the post if you download something. :)

I will also try to help anyone with questions about textures, fonts, photoshop etc. :)

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Anonymous: I thought you had more psds??

I did, but mediafire deleted a bunch of them and I lost access to my account :( ♥

May '13



-contatins vibrance (CS4+)
-please like the post if taking :)

May '13 [12]

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delenashumanity: Where can I find some GOOD textures!

It depends what you think good textures are! ♥

Personally, I use and look through the tags for what I’m looking for :)

May '13



-contains an optional vibrance layer
-please like if taking!

May '13 [3]

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Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been on tumblr! I’m really sorry for that, I think I just lost interest for a while but I’m back now :)

I’ve just realised I’ve got over 100 asks unanswered! I don’t want to spam the blog, but I will answer them all eventually I promise! I’ll post a few psds soon - thankyou to everyone who is still following! ♥♥

May '13

Anonymous: PSD download link please? (:

I don’t understand what you’re asking :(

Is a link broken? If so just tell me which one and I’ll fix it :) ♥

May '13

Anonymous: who's on your sidebar on the bottom?

It’s Phoebe Tonkin :-)

May '13

smileandmakethemworry: you have photoshop full or portable?cause I want the topaz and I have the portable :-/

I use cs4 full, but I think it still works in portable if you copy and paste the .plugin file into your plug-ins folder (program files>adobe>photoshop>plug ins - if you have windows, the plug-in file will be in the ‘topaz labs’ program folder) 

Hope this is clear enough and that it works! ♥

Apr '12

jlawist-deactivated20130827: Is there a way to get a topaz like effect on gimp or a 'soft glow' that kinda brightens and softens the photo? thanks.

I really don’t have much knowledge when it comes to gimp, but I googled it because I was curious and I don’t know if this link might help or not? Idk, sorry if it’s not what you’re looking for etc. ♥ 

Apr '12

Some Settings For Topaz.

Below are a collection of different settings for Topaz - which I’ll be adding to - I hope they’re helpful :)
These are all for the photoshop plugin ‘Topaz Clean 3’ - If you don’t have it, go to this post for info on how to download it :)

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Apr '12 [64]

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